There has been recent debates about the growth potential of egg donation. With the government giving the green light, we are yet to learn the full extent of the power of egg donation. This has eased the tension by most people who have become willing to the idea of being egg donors.

How Does the Process of Egg Donation Work?

Below are more steps which describe the process of egg donation in a nutshell.

1. Application Here!

For ensuring that you enroll to an egg donation program there must be the filling of an application form. Part of the application has requirements which provide details regarding the person’s physical characteristics, medical background together with that of the family. This is inclusive of the education background, personality and the interests.

This is necessary information since a number of the egg recipients make it their priority to select donors who possess similar characteristics and attributes of their own. There are other recipients who have a preferred selection of characteristics that fits their profile.

2. Medical Evaluation

A medical screening is required after all the relevant information has been presented in the application form. A physical examination is usually catered by the egg donor agency by presents the egg donors to physicians.

An ultrasound and blood test is part of the physical examination process which is important in checking the potential egg count and hormone levels. Egg donors are not usually charged consultation fees for the physician services which are provided at free costs by the egg donor agencies. There is still no need for the provision of any related insurance information. This means there no charges which you will cater for.

3. Attending Orientation

An orientation is suggested for the applicants by the healthcare provider which includes discussing the exam results. It is a requirement for the prescribed physicians to discuss your medical history together with that of your family.

There is the explanation of the donation process to the egg donor during the orientation process. Part of the process includes discussions of concerns regarding the process.

4. Counselling

After completing the orientation process, the applicant is required to meet with a counsellor. This regarding an emotional and mental evaluation in determining their state before donating their eggs to the recipients.

5. Get Approval Now!

A profile is upload to the database of the agency once there is a medical and psychological clearance. These records remains retractable by the patients in search of an egg donor. It is not an assurance that you will find the proper egg donor immediately.

Some recipients end up without finding their preferred egg donors. creates the need of patient with the process. The egg donation process can begin when compensation has taken place and a match has been found.